About Kevin Kolar


I, Kevin Kolar, have always been a music lover and enthusiast.  My passion for music started when I was a baby.  Always dancing and singing along to the music my parents played and loved.  As I grew older my enthusiasm grew to wanting to be a Radio Disc Jockey.  Unfortunately, that never did happen, but I pretended to have my own in my bedroom.  I continued as a young adult to go to concerts, night clubs to hear my favorite artists.  I joined the United States Army in 1988 and was stationed in Hanau, Germany for two years.  There I got my first start DJ'ing small parties for fellow soldiers.  It was always a blast.  I did a few other gigs while in the Army till 1995.  The next 24 years I didn't do any DJ'ing but always followed music.  In April, 2011, I wanted to get out of Retail Management, so I took my bonus money and purchased about $3000.00 worth of equipment.  I got my start here in Rock Springs, WY at the Saddlelite Saloon!!  (Thank you Pam and Tim)  Since then I have done clubs, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, grand openings, corporate events, holiday events and many other gigs in between.  I started doing KARAOKE in 2014 for the local clubs in Rock Springs and Green River, WY.  This is not a job, it is a passion and I love entertaining for others.